The Art & Craft of Fine Woodworking
                                         by Wayne Ingnatuk

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creating a mortise
and tenon joint here

Wayne Ignatuk is known for furniture made with large "natural edge" hardwood slabs and burls with precisely engineered square mortise-and-tenon joinery.

His functional and creative use of the butterfly key has gained him the reputation of not only exceptionally beautiful pieces but pieces of enduring strength that will inevitably become the antiques of the future.

"Design and decorative features are the result of an artistic collaboration: nature's indomitable will on the wood and my own sense of beauty."

"The final form is determined as much by the shapes and patterns of the material as by the whims of the designer."

Cherry and maple slabs joined along grain line.

Wayne has developed a process that enables him to join slabs of wood together along the grin line for tabletops.  Click Here to see tabletops coming together.

Sometimes cleverly hidden compartments or secret drawers